**** Purpose ****

* This Saidhyan mandir is a temporary creation, pending completion of counstruction of permanent Sai Dhyan Mandir. The purpose of creating this temporary counstruction is as under.

* To Provide a place for Sai devotees to offer their prayers

* To facilitate Sai devotees perform Bhajans and Keertans in front of BABA.

* To distribute Sai Mahaprasadam to all SAI devotees.

* To conduct discourses on Sai Tatvam

* To bring SAI more closer to the residents of this colony and also the adjacent colonies.

* To spread SAI philosophy in order to better the life of devotees.

* To provide various SAI literature for reading at the Dhyan Mandir

* To enable the devotees receive blessings from Sri SAI baba and live in peace all the time.

***Devotees willing to sponsor for Prasada Viniyogam , please contact Mr M.Rama Krishna @ 2658-6975.

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