Sri Sai Santoshi Maata Charitable Trust which has taken up the construction of Shanthidham complex needs Rs 150-200 Lakhs to complete the projects envisaged. Donors intrested in giving donations in cash or kind may contact any one of the members of the management comitee.

Donations can be for any of the following activities
Construction activity
Educational activity
Religious activity
Social welfare activity
Medical Welfare activity
Anndaana activity

Donations in kind can include
Teak Wood
Marble/ Granite/ Tiles
Cooking utensils
Electrical/ Santitary Fittings
Steel plates & Glasses
Prabhavali/ Ornaments for Deities

Rs 27,000
Trustee / Poshak
Rs 54,000
Life Trustee/ Raja Poshak
Rs 4,50,000
Hereditary Trustee/ Maharaja Poshak
Rs 6,30,000
Hereditary Trustee/ Chakaraverti Poshak
Rs 9,00,000
Hereditary Trustee/ Dharma Siromani Poshak

 Please remember that you shall receive a ten fold benefit in return with the blessings of SAI for any financial assistance you render for a good cause.



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