**** SaiBaba appears in dream of a devotee ****

1. The devotee narrates his experience. His brother has the business of books, which is named after Saibaba. Like every new year, this year also his brother made a calendar with Sai Baba pictures. When he visited his brother's house on seeing the calendar he asked his brother that why he published the calendar with the pictures of Sai Baba sitting on the silver throne rather than the pictures of Saibaba sitting on the golden throne (which was recently presented to Saibaba from two devotee brothers). ( I feel the devotee might have been a little dejected on seeing the pictures on Saibaba on silver throne rather than the gold one).

In the night when the devotee slept he had a dream in which, Sai Baba said to him that the one who is sitting on the throne is far more important than the throne itself.

Wonderful experience by the devotee. Sai Baba's love and care for him is seen quite clearly. Sai Baba wants him and all of us that Sai Baba is more important than anything else. Our attention should be on Him and His love and grace than anything else. When we talk about Sai Baba's leelas, our mind should be more on SaiBaba than the leelas(illusion). Sai Baba is real and eternal, everything else is illusion and not eternal. Saibaba's love and grace will transform us from sand to gold as Sai Baba said to His devotee Abdul Baba, "Main tereku mitti se sona bana diya." The one who can transform us from dust to gold, will bring us closer to "Malik"(God) is far more important than the illusory material wealth. We should not be much attracted to the material wealth, rather than attracted to the eternal, the love, the grace personification Sadguru Sri Sai Baba.

2. Baba came in my dream. I dreamt that I saw a life-sized picture of him. And then suddenly the picture moved and Baba blinked his eyes. He then smiled at me and seeing my surprise, he laughed, but not unkindly. He then came to me and talked. I don't remember what exactly he said, but it was something like, "Your friends came to see me." I said, "I am sorry, Baba, I could not come to shirdi to meet you." He opened his arms wide to embrace me and said "That's all right. I am not angry with you." And then he hugged me. I woke up immediately after that. The dream was so vivid, it felt almost real. And baba looked so beautiful.

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